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The fifth named storm and second hurricane of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season, earl formed from a tropical wave south of jamaica on august 2. On may 27, a tropical wave exited the coast of africa. Tornado season in the caribbean jamaica forum tripadvisor. Increase in number of expected storms for 2016 atlantic hurricane. Hurricanehit dominica hurries to prepare for next storm. The best time and weather to travel to the caribbean usa. Each of the past four seasons, beginning with 2016, has an aboveaverage ace index. Figure 1 depicts the tracks of the 2016 atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes. Conquering the caribbean in hurricane season expedia. A tropical storm watch is in effect for the caribbean islands of bonaire, curacao and aruba and portions of the columbia coast. Early predictions suggest an average hurricane season this year. Storm season sweeps most of the caribbean between june and november. As a precaution, travelers tend to avoid the entire region in fear of getting caught in a hairraising, windblowing, and stormfrenzied pickle, yet the bulk of the foul weather occurs in august and september, above the abcs.

The 2016 atlantic hurricane season officially began on june 1, 2016. Hurricanes and tropical storms november 2016 state of the. Atlantic basin, caribbean and gulf of mexico storm season 2016. These will show waves coming from the african coast can become the infamous cape verde storms or the next big. Florida, united states, sunday may 29, 2016 tropical storm bonnie became the second named tropical system of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season yesterday evening, posing no threat to the. From hurricane naming conventions to staying safe in a storm, well detail all you need to know about this years hurricane season. Hurricane otto was the first tropical cyclone since hurricane cesardouglas in 1996 to survive the crossover from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean. Forming late on november 20 in the southwestern caribbean sea, otto was the fifteenth and final named storm, seventh hurricane and fourth major hurricane of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. A cluster of clouds in the caribbean could become this hurricane seasons first storm. Video shows chaos aboard royal caribbean cruise caught in.

At the time, earl was a tropical storm over the caribbean sea. A twoday caribbean regional climate outlook forum caricof began in dominica today with the region being told to brace itself for wetter than usual season and chances of more hurricane activity this year than in past five years climatologist with the dominica meteorologist service, dms annie carrettejospeh, who presented the. The dominican republic was doused by rain and pummeled by winds from the storm that developed into the fifth hurricane of the 2016 season. Statistically, there is a very low risk that a storm will impact your vacation. The 2016 season had an unusually early start when alex formed from a nontropical low in january. Aruba hurricane season best and worst months to go.

Matthew was the strongest, deadliest, and most destructive cyclone of the season, with its impacts reaching from the eastern caribbean sea. Tropical storm danielle forms the fourth named storm of 2016 is kicking around near mexico, serving as a good reminder for tampa bay area residents to stay vigilant. An average hurricane season features 12 tropical storms of which six reach. A cluster of clouds in the caribbean could become this. Preseason forecast for atlantic hurricane activity in 2016. Special local hurricane correspondents are standing by on the islands and will provide timely eyewitness reports and updates. Still, if youre planning to vacation in florida, the gulf coast, or the caribbean during hurricane season, you might consider buying travel insurance or opting for a hotel with a hurricane guarantee. Ernesto was the last western caribbean hurricane landfall prior to earl. It was latest storm ever to form in the caribbean and it went farther south than any other lateseason storm, striking south america. The caribbean the region southeast of mainland north america and the gulf of mexico, east of central america, and north of south americahas its official hurricane season from june 1 to november 30, peaking in august, september, and october. While otto was probably the most destructive lateseason storm in recent memory, a few major storms have hit central america and the caribbean in. The precursor to earl brought torrential rainfall and flooding to the lesser antilles. Ivan in 2005 went close 50miles at closest approach to bring hurricane force winds.

Early predictions suggest an average hurricane season this. Lateseason tropical storm otto forms in the caribbean sea. Tropical storm earl formed in the caribbean sea and is forecast to move west over the next couple of days. Below as well meteosat satellite images of the central atlantic.

How can you best avoid a hurricane when planning a caribbean vacation. The increase in rain from october through december is the result of increased storm activity in the caribbean. The atlantic hurricane season runs from june 1st through november 30th. Typically, if your trip is canceled or interrupted due to a storm, you can be refunded up to the limit of coverage. It was also a hyperactive atlantic hurricane season, featuring 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes, and 6 major hurricanes, 2017 was the fifthmost active atlantic hurricane season on record, tied with 1936.

Very active hurricane season predicted for caribbean. Official start of hurricane season in atlanticcaribbean region june 1. Jamaica has had many close brushes,but the last direct hit from a hurricane was gilbert 1988. Two weather systems are brewing in the atlantic and caribbean, just in time for the most active part of the hurricane season from midaugust to october. The storm is seen here in a truecolor satellite image. Caribbean hurricane season caribbean hurricane forecast.

Hurricane season officially begins on june 1 and ends on nov. The 2016 atlantic hurricane season is expected to be the most active since 2012, according to a forecast released friday by the weather company, an ibm business. Is it worth the risk to plan a cruise to the caribbean, bahamas, bermuda, mexican riviera or even canadanew england during hurricane season. Even though the caribbean hurricane season is from june to november, there are still times when hurricanes are almost nonexistent. This storm in the caribbean could become a hurricane by thanksgiving. Caribbean climate is especially bad in september and october because those months typically have the highest level of storm and hurricane activity each year.

Hurricane season officially begins june 1, and 2016 could be an active year because. The 2016 atlantic hurricane season featured a combination of. Hurricane season in the atlantic began june 1 and runs through november 30. As 2016 hurricanes and tropical storms form in the atlantic basin or caribbean each tropical storm name will become active and link to more information. Timeline of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season wikipedia.

The atlantic basin, including the gulf of mexico and the caribbean sea. Tropical storm bonnie the second storm of atlantic. The aruba hurricane season in september and october is usually mild because the island lies on the southern edge of the hurricane belt. The national oceanic and atmospheric administrations noaa climate prediction center expects the 2016 season to be near normal. The season always increases the risk of a bad vacation because of the number of tropical storms and hurricanes that roll through the region between june and november every year. But outside of an actual tropical storm event, the rain typically falls in bursts, with hours of sunshine possible in between. The 2016 atlantic hurricane season was the first aboveaverage hurricane season since 2012.

Although caribbean hurricane season runs from june through november, the most active months are usually august and september when. From the cumberland gap to the atlantic ocean, this is virginia water radio for the week of december 5, 2016. Voice and music 11 sec this week, that excerpt from a video created by sgt. Three storms also formed from late may to late june, which is above the. Atlantic, caribbean weather brewing as hurricane season. Which is why its strange so see a tropical depression in the caribbean on. Tsr, which primarily relies on julyseptember trade wind speed over the caribbean sea and tropical north atlantic, for its early predictions is projecting that the 2016 season will be below average. By most weather records, its reasonable to expect up to nine hours of sunshine a day during the summer. How to travel to the caribbean during hurricane season. As requested, this the raw footage and no added audio.

With tropical storms named bonnie, colin, hermine and julia and hurricane matthew, this was the most active hurricane season to hit the south carolina coast in 12 years, but nov. Atlantic ocean basin including the gulf of mexico and caribbean sea. There is a 67% probability that the 2016 atlantic hurricane season ace index will be aboveaverage. The above goes satellite image is created with the interactive weather satellite viewer at nasas global hydrology and climate center and is updated every 30 minutes edt utc 4 hours. A lateseason tropical storm formed on november 21, 2016, and was named otto. The first storm, hurricane alex, developed on january 12, while the final system, hurricane otto, made a crossover to the eastern pacific on november 25. Otto formed from tropical depression 16 system 90l, a tropical low pressure that had been lingering in the caribbean sea for days. If you plan to cruise during hurricane season, we recommend a southern caribbean cruise in one of the peak months. For 2016, the tropical meteorology project has calculated statebystate climatological probabilities as follows. So hurricanes affecting jamaica are not as common as one would think. Summer comes in hot and humid on most of these tropical islands, then the weather starts to cool a few degrees as autumn arrives. There are no tropical cyclones in the atlantic at this time.

The caribbeans shoulder season is in late spring and fall when the weather is milder in the north. A storm is defined as having formed within this region if it reached at least tropical depression status while in the area. Out of all the regions in the caribbean, the southeastern part has the least number of hurricanes and the southwestern and the northeast region the bahamas has the most. Special local hurricane correspondents are standing by on the islands and will provide timely. Hurricane season correlates to the rainy season, which encompasses the entire caribbean. The storm caused major infrastructural damage and destroyed or.

It was an above average season and the most active since 2012, producing a total of 15 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Video shows chaos aboard royal caribbean cruise caught in storm more passengers cellphone videos show furniture flying as the. This storm in the caribbean could become a hurricane by. November, the final month in the north atlantic hurricane season, produced one. Tsrs longrange forecast predicted ace of just 79 for the 2016 season, which would indicate named tropical storms, 5. The areas covered include the north atlantic ocean, gulf of mexico and the caribbean sea. The 2016 atlantic hurricane season featured a combination of destructive hurricanes and climatological oddities in a season that stretched from january through late november. By early june, the wave entered the caribbean sea and spawned a low pressure system. Gaston was the only category 3 or stronger storm to form in the atlantic during the first half of the 2016.

The weather in the caribbean is warm with little rainfall, but the islands are less busy than in. Unusually active atlantic hurricane season is predicted the. The same storm that triggered widespread severe weather across the south during easter will continue its destructive march eastward on monday. Spanish translations, when available, are courtesy of the nws san juan weather forecast office. The caribbeans different regionseastern, western, and southernhave varying amounts of risk during the caribbean hurricane season, so be sure to check the caribbean hurricane forecast before making travel plans and consider the risk of storms at your preferred destination. Hurricane season in the caribbean responsible travel. Hurricanehit dominica hurries to prepare for next storm season. All but two systems have impacted land in busy start. Simple and easy to read, our guide to hurricane season in the caribbean explains. Matthew is the 5th hurricane of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. So, welcome to our eighth year of daily storm reports for the atlantic basin, caribbean and gulf of mexico storm season. Tropical storm bonnie formed on may 27, 2016, and made landfall near. As a result, the government of honduras has issued a tropical storm warning for the. Earl later made landfall over belize on august 3 as a category 1 hurricane, with winds measuring about 70 knots 80 miles per hour.

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