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This will redirect all user folders to the local computer and sync to onedrive in a domain. This is happening on both my machines, but not my friends machine. Hi everybody, hopefully someone can help with this annoying issue. So you just right click on the documents folder in windows explorer here im finding it in my quick access list on the left and choose properties. This will save you having to backup your my documents folder and will also give you anywhere access to your folders and files. In part 4 of this series, ill discuss configuring folder redirection and the available configuration options in group policy. I want the users documents folder to default to my onedrive or other cloud storage folder, and i want this redirected documents folder and my documents in onedrive to appear wherever i log in. How to move windows 7 personal folders like my documents. Downloads into the address bar, and press enter to open your downloads folder no matter where it may be located. So, when you save to my documents, videos, pictures, music these actually automatically save to onedrive for business and are thus synchronised safely to the cloud where you receive the benefits of backups and file versioning. Create and work together on word, excel or powerpoint documents. Automatically setting up onedrive for business via intune. For companies employing office 365 with onedrive for business, there is a simple way to integrate. Hi guys, as you already understood from the subject, im going to show you how to configure onedriver service as folder redirection.

The onedrive app is easy on my windows machine but from a windows 8 machine i am having issues. You want to store files in your documents folder, but you. My concern now is that everything i put on onedrive is pushed to my documents on my local computer. Migrate your files to onedrive easily with known folder move. Redirecting the desktop, documents and pictures to onedrive should protect key user folders via data synchronisation. Folder redirection was introduced in cloud drive mapper version 1. Browse the onedrive folder and open the newly created documents folder. This article shows you how to redirect your my documents folder to onedrive. Move location of documents folder in windows 10 tutorials.

The onedrive group policy objects wont affect the music and videos folders, so you can keep them redirected with the. I have a ssd and larger disk storage, so i changed the location of my documents folder to the disk, which put it into onedrive s control. The onedrive for business team has made a number of changes to support automatic configuration of onedrive, including support for automatically signing in, configuring known folder migration, enabling offline files, and more. Possibly, the known folder redirection feature in windows 10 version 1809 is similar to the known folder move feature of onedrive, since the problem affected some users moving files to onedrive. This is an issue with applications that hard code their path. By default, the my documents folder is a folder in the users profile that is used as a default storage location for saved documents. This method uses a script deployed from intune to windows 10 azure ad joined machines to download the folder redirection script and create a scheduled task that runs at user login to perform the redirection and data move. But i cant figure out how to do it without having a copy of my documents in the my dropbox folder i. This capability allows you to move known folders documents. This will redirect all user folders to the local computer and sync to. For the onedrive mobile app, see troubleshoot onedrive mobile app problems email support if you still need help, shake your mobile device while youre in the onedrive app or email the onedrive support team. Some gpo settings you can apply to one drive through deploying register key. We recommend using this policy together with prompt users to move windows known folders to onedrive.

Microsoft sharepoint online, onedrive, and microsoft teams can help organizations keep their files safe, share information more effectively, and communicate with ease. Standard user account folder, the destination folder path was d. Onedrivemapper is a free, open source script i wrote which you can use as a logon or on demand script to map onedrive for business andor sharepoint online to driveletters andor network locations, it has been downloaded over 500,000 times, has millions of users and is also listed on technet it was designed to run in scenarios where using the onedrive for business client is not feasible. Alternatively if you redirect documents to onedrive business\ documents, you can run into other weird issues if users delete that folder while reorganizing their onedrive.

I plan to move the files to our archive server later so we always have a backup. Save ms office files to local pc instead of onedrive. Download files and folders from onedrive or sharepoint. To move your documents to the cloud you simply configure a path that is somewhere in your onedrive folder by default in c. When i run the code, the openfiledialog is actually opening in directory. Create polished documents, unlock insights, present with clarity, and collaborate in realtime using office 365. But since the onedrive client is configured via gpo and not mdm policies, that meant using some rather nastylooking custom omauri policies in. In the target box, type the new path to the my documents folder, or click move to browse to the folder and if needed, create a new my documents folder. Our users than have to open that folder general and they will find all files.

Id like to have the my documents folder on my hp synced with dropbox, so i have a backup in the cloud. Documents folder stuck in onedrive solved windows 10 forums. To redirect an item such as my documents, first create a new destination folder one for each account, and a subfolder that the move will rename. You can use files ondemand to free up space or to make sure files or folders are always available on your device, even when youre offline. Learn how to set up onedrive pc folder backup for your important folders in. This setting lets you redirect your users documents, picture, and desktop folders to onedrive without user interaction. Im now trying to go back to having user folders such as desktop and documents in my user profile folder on the system c. Files save to onedrive by default in windows 10 onedrive. When i connect onedrive using your script, i see all my files and folders inside a folder called general. Have script run onedrive installation, let gpo from admin templates handle configuration of it, then use copyitem to. Before we initiate our task, make sure your machines are up to date and verify there is no an old gpo or any antivirus software that can block us from continuing. Shortly thereafter i released this was not what i wanted, given that many applications, by default, spout numerous files into my documents location. Removing onedrive folder redirection in documents and. Folder redirection in group policy allows a systems administrator to redirect certain folders from a users profile to a file server.

The only solutions to is to delete the user profile and recreate. Move location of downloads folder in windows 10 tutorials. Moving desktop and downloads to onedrive codefoster. Redirect known folders to onedrive linkedin learning. Ultimate folder redirection for onedrive, teams and sharepoint. Additionally, users onedrive urls have the word documents in it for the root sync folder, and then having documents and my documents as sub folders can be really confusing. This has the same affect as folder redirection, when users sign into onedrive on a new pc they will have access to all of their files. How to migrate user home drives from a file server into onedrive for. This trick will allow default save locations, library associations and normal my documents links to seamlessly redirect to onedrive without the user having to change their normal habits.

The onedrive app built in to windows 10 synchronizes your files between onedrive and your computer, so theyre backed up, protected, and available on any device. How to unlink my documents folder from my onedrive account. Ive had users mistakenly save to this documents folder, as well, rather than the redirected folder. In readonly mode, you can still access and download your files for up to three months by signing into onedrive directly using the microsoft account you used to set up microsoft 365. This trick will allow default save locations, library associations and normal my documents links to seamlessly redirect to onedrive without the user having to. Essentially, inside your own onedrive for business folder create four new folders called. Theyre special folders in that they are not just a file container, but theyre also a concept. At one time the gpo template could be downloaded from microsoft, but. Folder redirection to onedrive on windows 10 with intune. Back up your documents, pictures, and desktop folders with onedrive. If you are an administrator, you can use folder redirection in a group policy to modify the. How do i sync the my documents folder with dropbox.

However, the additional storage that comes with your subscription is lost, so you must save your files elsewhere or buy more onedrive storage if your onedrive. To check if onedrive is connected we need to import a dll file to readout the onedrive status. For as long as we can remember, the primary way to share files in an organization was mapped network drives. We have a team and there are several files and folders in the document library of that team. This new functionality allows users to access their known folders e. When i installed windows 10, onedrive was installed by default. The script can be obtained from the microsoft gallery by clicking here with thanks for jos lieben who all credits must be given to the development of the script. Documents, pictures, favorites, downloads, desktop to onedrive. Onedrive is the new my documents why you should store. Onedrive for business redirect my documents pennine it.

It just bugs me now that i have to bring all my onedrive docs onto my surface. Click the select folder button, and youll notice that the default location path has now changed. Create a folder in your onedrive sync folder called my documents. Redirect your standard folders like my documents to. Replacing folder redirection and mapped network drives. If the path you type does not exist, you are prompted to confirm that you want to create a new folder.

Do you have one drive deployed in your environment. To contact onedrive for business support from your pc or mac, select the onedrive icon in the notification. Migrate users home drives to onedrive for business with. Controlling the onedrive client experience on windows 10 with intune. Rightclick my documents on the desktop, and then click properties. The my documents folder is a component of the user profile that is used as a unified location for storing personal data. For companies employing office 365 with onedrive for business, there is a simple way to integrate onedrive in place of my documents. Sync your windows 10 desktop and documents to onedrive. This policy works when all known folders are empty, and on folders redirected to a different onedrive account. Migrating user home drives to onedrive for business in office 365. Redirect and move windows known folders to onedrive. Account profile download center microsoft store support returns order. Then you go to the location tab and change the path.

That is, you may simply choose to sync your documents through onedrive using a documents folder in onedrive and the documents library on your windowsbased pcand skip music, photos and videos. For restrictions and limitations when you sync files and folders. How to redirect my documents with group policy quick. Personal into the address bar, and press enter to open your documents folder no matter where it may be located. Onedrive folder redirection networking spiceworks community. Can redirect my documents to onedrive for business. Get online help see more support pages for onedrive and onedrive for business. Luckily, there is a setting you can change so that office will save files locally by default and if you want, you can always manually save the file to your onedrive account. Redirect my documents to onedrive for business spiceworks.

Folder redirection for documents and other well known folders to the home drives. Use gpo to remove offline files, in that gpo include powershell script to move ad user account to non redirected ou and reboot. I currently have a batch file that will create a directory in onedrive but i need it to actually redirect the location so there is not 2 my documents. At some point shortly after installation i changed the location of my documents folder, so it may reside within the onedrive user folder. After this, it tells me that it cant remove the folder because there is a folder in the same location that cant be redirected. Id love to see a better implementation where a hardlink or symlink is used to redirect the path c. Redirects documents, pictures, favorites, downloads, desktop to onedrive. The documents and pictures folder redirect to documents and pictures inside the onedrive folder instead of the actual pictures and documents folder of your userprofile. One of my issues is that we have users that are on ms sync folder redirect csc cache and when we run ms onedrive folder redirect it errors to backup documents. The onedrive known folder move group policy objects wont work if you previously used windows folder redirection group policy objects to redirect the documents, pictures, or desktop folders to a location other than onedrive. Youll always have the latest office applications, 1 tb of onedrive storage, and premium onedrive features.

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