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As supplied slewing rings are generally packed for storage in a covered store and for a period not exceeding 6 months. Slewing bearing arrangements provide many design and performance advantages the compactness and large inner diameter simplify the design of the beating arrangement and its associated components. Slewing rings are sealed on both sides, lubricated with a high quality grease, can be relubricated via lubrication nipples and are particularly easy to fit. More than 1 million slew bearings produced and sold all over the world since 1969. Slewing ring bearing, high precision bearing, special. The current product range includes slewing ring bearings which may be single or doublerow fourpoint contact, triple row roller or a combination of both ball and roller elements. Slewing bearingsslewing ringsslewing ring bearingsrotary. Ina vsa25vsi25vsu25 series four point contact bearing slewing rings. The twin slewing bearing has an 8point contact zone ballraceway which is considered in a cross section of bearing rings. Rotek is the north american manufacturing leader of slewing bearings. Rk series slewing ring bearings, for rotary tables, chute. If there is only a radial load, each steel ball contacts the raceway at four points. Type of slewing bearing 0 ball slewing bearing 1 roller slewing bearing.

Xuzhou helin slewing bearing is slew ring, slewing ring bearing, crane slewing bearing ring,swing bearing,turntable bearing, slewing ring, slewing gear manufacturer,also we offer rotek,skf,rothe erde,imo,ina,excavator,kaydon,hitach,double row,single row,three row slewing ring manufacturer supplier factory. Lyjw slewing bearings can be classified into the following types according to different structure. The bearing rings are supplied without gear teeth or, in order to achieve simple drive solutions, are available with external or. Singlerow fourpoint contact ball slewing rings and crossed roller slewing rings are being produced in psl, a. The success of the rollix slewing ring is the result of the precision of our finishing by grinding. Rk series turntable bearings range in size from 20. Rotek slewing bearings are machine elements which absorb all axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moments in a single selfretaining and readytoinstall unit. Liancheng road, tongshan,xuzhou,jiangsu,china 221116. Assembly tolerances pdf installation maintenance lubrication bearing inspection pdf product catalog pdf product summary pdf rotek customersupplier technical agreement process pdf thyssenkrupp rothe erde usa inc. Due to a multitude of influential factors, nominal life acc. Slewing bearing manufacturer,slewing drive supplier,slewing.

To illustrate, it is often applied on cranes, cement pump track, road roller, wind turbine, solar power generating equipment, tidal power equipment, ship unloading machine, ladle turret, stackerreclaimer, radar tank, satellite launcher, ferris wheel, ct machine, and more. The bearing rings are supplied without gear teeth or, in order to achieve simple drive solutions, are available with external or internal gear teeth. It is important to carry out faults monitoring on this kind of rolling bearing. Fourpoint contact ball slewing bearing,doublerow fourpoint contact ball bearing,threerow cylindrical roller slewing bearing. If it is used in a highspeed scenario, twopoint contact must be ensured for its normal working. Your proven service leader with reliable delivery since 1972.

They often use three race elements, such as an inner ring and two outer ring halves that clamp together. Please check the weight of the ring to ensure slings andor. The steel specification which is used is indicated by the code letter. Rigia bearings rigid bearings for industry robot automation specialized in small slewing ring, crossed roller bearings and harmonic drive output bearings. In addition to standard types, a variety of customised and application specific special designs are available. Combining decades of application knowledge, unmatched manufacturing expertise and our life. Specialized ina slewing bearing manufacturer in china, our ina slewing bearing products are popular all over the world with high quality,fast delivery and efficient service. Installation and maintenance slewing rings special bearings groupe defontaine o u t r e m e r. Based on experimental results, a sector of a slewing bearing is. If there is only a unidirectional axial load, each steel ball contacts the raceway at two points. Figure 1 typical example of load formula conditions of validity calculation of equivalent axial and moment static load slewing rings table 2 four point contact ball slewing rings crossed roller slewing rings f. Condition monitoring of low speed slewing bearings based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition method. When two surfaces are in contact, the presence of surface roughness produces.

Pdf condition monitoring of low speed slewing bearings. Large slewing rings usually have lifting holes for eyebolts to assist lifting in the inner and outer rings. Numerical analysis of the screw connection with preload tension used in the mounting of slewing bearings fig. The dimension range of slewing bearings that lyjw can. Only bolts recommended by rollix must be used for fixing holes. Slewing bearing design worksheet pdf thyssenkrupp rothe erde usa inc. Large slewing bearing is a special kind of rolling bearing with heavy load and very low rotation speed. A radial load pushes down, from the outer race inward to the balls, cage and inner race at the center of the bearing. This dotted line symbolizes the maximum dynamic capacity of the bearing. External gear teeth especially should be protected from any impact damage.

L series turntables are suitable for use in the construction of farm carts and trailers operating at speeds of up to 25kph 15mph and range from 400mm to 1050mm in diameter with a load rating of between 750kg and 3,500kg. This paper investigates the behavior of large diameter bearing bolted joint in order to evaluate fatigue resistance of the screws. Involved in a large range of applications, the slewing bearing is a commonly seen bearing for construction machinery. The kaydon slewing bearing selector allows you to search our standard slewing bearings by part number or bearing requirements. Comparisons and costeffectiveness the storage of slewing ring bearings is a somewhat undocumented necessity of critical spares in heavy industry.

Largediameter slewing ring bearing storage methods. Ball transfer units, precision balls, precision rollers and needles. We supply highaccuracy slew rings,slew drive and gears. Refer to the table below for a guide to the service. As a single slewing ring bearing can synchronously support radial, axial and tilting moment loads, it is regarded as the premium product in the field of rolling element bearing.

Nsk series slewing bearing luoyang jcb bearing technology company luoyang jcb bearing technology company specialize in slewing bearing,slewing ring bearing,slewing ring. It can bear axial loads in two directions as well as a certain eccentric load, i. All our production is perfectly under control and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements, gives batch after batch, the certainty to obtain the right bearing for this very demanding application. Ina vsa20vsi20vsu20 series four point contact bearingslewing rings. Capacity curves, slewing ring bearing, special bearing. Dl mm weight kg outer diameter da mm inner diameter di mm overall height h mm 9e1b4504520742 452. The kaydon slewing bearing selector allows you to search our standard slewing bearings by. Recently years, it has been prosperously used in photovoltaic power generation systems.

This capacity curve shows the same reference number as the bearing. Fourpoint contact ball slewing bearings contact angle is usually 35. M16 940 1100 660form16 metric isothread din as a3 fm fm fm n nm nm n nm nm n nm nm ma ma ma ma ma ma. Xuzhou helin slewing bearing is slew ring, slewing ring bearing, crane slewing bearing ring,swing bearing,turntable bearing,slewing ring,slewing gear manufacturer,also we offer rotek,skf,rothe erde,imo,ina,excavator,kaydon,hitach,double row,single row,three row slewing ring. By clicking send button, i confirm that i request the service indicated in point a of these guidelines. Rk series slewing bearings are offered in nongeared, internally geared, and externally geared configurations for maximum design flexibility. Pdf rotek slewing bearing aftersales service information pdf return to top. Type of of raceway 1singlerow crossed roller type, singlerow four point contact ball type 2doublerow different ball type 3threerow roller type.

Together with attachment holes in both rings, they enable. It is typically used in aerospace area, solar power systems, wind turbines, satellite broadcasting system, and engineering machinery like truck cranes, and man lifts, etc. Large slewing bearing is a special kind of rolling bearing with heavy load and very. A rating graph illustrating the various load capacities is associated with each bearing reference. In june 2001, skf launched its new line of lshape slewing bearings to cover small machinery applications ranging from aerial work platforms and assembly machines to industrial positioners. The bearing steel 100 cr mn 6 14209 according to stn is used for the rolling element production.

In antifriction bearing technology, theoretical life is a wellknown term. Nsk series slewing bearing luoyang jcb bearing technology. Slewing rings turntable bearings technical information. Slewing bearing manufacturer,slewing drive supplier. Slewing bearing item slewing bearingsenshu bearing. Capacity curves, slewing ring bearing, special bearing rollix. A slewing drive is also called slewing gear drive or slewing reducer, etc.

Ina xsaxsixsu cross roller slewing bearings standard series 14 ina sx0118 series crossed roller bearing. A thyssenkrupp technologies company rothe erde tk rothe erde rothe erde individual details of this information shall only then be considered a quality resp. M16 940 1100 660form16 metric isothread din as a3 fm fm fm n nm nm n nm nm n nm nm ma ma ma ma ma ma stress area tension core crosssection m0. Chinese leading large diameter slewing bearing manufacturer. Our slewing bearings have several series such as single row ball series, double row ball series, three row roller series, single row cross roller series, light type series. Kaydons slewing bearings offer a wide variety of solutions for the most demanding specifications in a variety of applications, including. Turntable bearings application examples bearing stock shop. To determine if a silverthin slewing ring bearing is appropriate for an application, a service factor is applied. It takes skill and experience to maximize the slewing bearing and slew drives performance and reduce the risk of premature failures. Ina slewing rings are also known worldwide as premium products in.

In addition we manufacture a full range of slewing bearings up to 7 meters and more with the following designs. Silverthin slewing ring turntable bearings, slewing ring applications, slewing bearing engineering. The load rating curves shown in this catalog are approximate, and represent an application service factor of 1. An overview of different methods and their associated costs will be presented in this work. The analyzed cross connector surfaces of the bearing rings, we introduced additional crosssections for the studied surfaces a, b. Slewing bearings comprise an inner ring and an outer ring, one of which usually incorporates a gear. Rsm bearings in conjunction with a french company by the name of athos. It etr 941 indice 3 septembre 2001 departement rollix 3, rue louis renault b. In addition to satisfying this requirement, a slewing ring bearing typically includes features for simple and quick attachment to those adjacent structures, and. Wooden or rubber spacers would be of benefit between each bearing. Fitting the use of a slewing ring in any specific application. Ring worksheet pdf product summary pdf rothe erde seamless rolled rings product catalog pdf.

The bearing raceways, in conjunction with the rolling elements and cages or spacers, are designed to accommodate loads acting singly or in combination, and in any direction. A slewing bearing or slewing ring is a rotational rollingelement bearing that typically supports a heavy but slowturning or slowoscillating load, often a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the windfacing platform of a horizontalaxis windmill. Skf slewing bearings stock range recommended range ball design roller design lshape range ball design other standard items ball design roller design please note that stock items included in this leaflet do not represent our complete range and that new items may be added in the future. Product listslewing bearing,slewing ring,slew ring,swing. Skf manufactures standard and customized slewing bearings in various designs, with outside diameters from 0,1 to 18 m to meet the demands of particular applications. Psl slewing ring bearing four point contact ball external gear. The high speed precision ball bearing is a main part in high speedprecision feed system, and there are many joints existing in the ball bearing, such as the interfaces between the bearing and the shaft, the bearing and the bearing support and so on. Besides these two main design types of psl slewing rings, psl also produces other various slewing rings such as. Slew rings slewing rings slew bearings swing bearings girth gears bevel gears helical gears cylindrical gears pinions services reverse engineering. Slewing bearings often use two rows of rolling elements. A range of high quality ball bearing turntables and slewing rings, available in diameters and load capacities for varying applications.

Socare slewing bearing is a professional manufacturer and supplier of slewing bearing, slewing drive and slewing ring in qingdao,china. Refer to the table below for a guide to the service factor to apply to your application. Slewing bearings are not standardized, so we generally sell customized model to match the uses of customer by maketoorder. In addition to this range, skf manufactures crossed roller or ball slewing bearings for earthmoving equipment and forestry machines, among other applications. Ina slewing bearing china ina slewing bearing in slewing. Three row rollers, double row, cross rollers, roller ball bearing, wire race, ball bearing. Function of a slewing ring bearing a bearing serves as a connection between two adjacent structures, allowing rotation and transmission of load between them. Select for one bearing the associated load curve the solid line shows the utilization limit curve for the raceways the dotted line shows the utilization limit curve for the bolting the slewing bearing is suitable for the application only when the functional point is located in the grey area. Slewing bearingsslewing ringsslewing ring bearings. Ina slewing rings are known worldwide as premium products in the field of rolling bearing. Pdf screw behavior in large diameter slewing bearing. Skf slewing bearing solutions and services optimize performance and service life for more than 50 years, skf has been designing and manufacturing many types and sizes of highperformance slewing bearings to meet the specific needs of customers worldwide.

Slewing ring bearings, turntable bearings kaydon bearings. Slewing ring mt series, fourpoint contact, gearless, 2. The gears are involute stub designs with 20 pressure angles, manufactured to agma class q5 quality and 0. And to meet the growing request for short delivery recently, we have begun to sell the slewing bearing, jseries, which is generalpurpose, short lead time, semicustom. Athos engineering engineer athos engineering linkedin. Experience means choosing the correct mounting and maintenance method and using the correct tools for the job. Characteristic features of these bearings have been described. November 2011 fastening bolts slewing ring load curves assume that either grade 8. With gear or not 0no gear 1 external gear with small modular. Materials for psl slewing rings production carbon standard or heat treated steels, as well as chromemolybdenum and chromevanadium steels are used. Psl slewing ring bearing four point contact ballslewing. With our more than 10 years experience, skillful team, complete process and strict quality control, we can supply good quality products and services to customers. In particular nominal, or exceptional loads should not exceed the capacity of the bearing, gear and attachment.

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