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Seishiro endo shihans aikido dvd trilogy of basic techniques vol. The word kobudo means ancient martial arts, and many believe that weapons were always of primary study, with empty hand self defence secondary. See more ideas about karate, martial arts and karate kata. Bunkai videos assorted shorinryu bunkai assorted kata bunkai interpretation demonstrated by david walker sensei, 6th dan, shintokukai out of the pinan heian. Matayoshi kobudo manitoba and charleswood karate are pleased to host a three. Even today, many thousands of shotokan dojo practice these 26 kata only leaving out 1. Help beginners learn the concept that the shinai is the. Karate required kata international karate kobudo union.

An isshinryu instructor i know with a long list of credentials holds the rank of 5th dan in matayoshi kobudo, a system that includes sai, tonfa, bo, eaku, kama, nunchaku and some other weapons im not familiar with. Kobudo is the study of the ancient okinawan weapons, in particular the wooden implements. This means that shushi no kon is a relatively advanced kata in terms of the techniques. Kubotas hybrid of judo, karate and jujutsu techniques is a very powerful and practical selfdefense system called gosokuryu. International karate kobudo union education kata karate required kata. Kyokushin summer camp 2006 tuchola, poland by marmich. Kubota kata series 4 dvd set by soke tak kubota ika karate. Seiyo no shorinryu karate kobudo kai is astyle of shorinryu karate officially recognized and certified in 1999 by juko kai international the zen kokusai soke budo bugei renmei and several other martial arts institutions. Video 1 teaches kihonnokata the 17 basic techniques of this style. Set 1 1 jodan uchi upper level strike 2 jodan nanme uchi diagonal upper level strike 3 chudan yoko uchi middle level side strike 4 gedan yoko uchi lower level side strike 5 kake uke, tsuki hooking defense, thrust dai ni.

Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihonwaza keikoho mushinkan kendo. The form urashi no kun was taught to the founder of isshin ryu, tatsuo shimabuku by his kobudo instructor, shinken taira. The principles and methodology taught in the matayoshi system are somewhat different from isshinryu kobudo. The bo should be horizontal or slightly up at the striking end. Matsubayashi shorin ryu karate do is one of the most popular styles of karate in the world today. Kobudo no kihon shares the kihon happo and san shin, the roots and core of the bujinkan budo taijutsu training system, are. It was created in xix century by shinchin matayoshi and developed later by shingi, shintoku and shinko.

Set 2 1 gedan harai uke, jodan naname uchi lower level brushing aside defense, upper level diagonal strike. Sensei jon puts a lot of emphasis on clearing the mind, breathing, correct stances and hip rotation. Bassaidaipassai bunkai drill a really nice demonstration of close fighting techniques from passaibassaidai, presented by sensei iain abernethy. C hook in a small circle like a reverse c starting at the top with the tip of the bo as if to disarm a knife from the hand. Karate required kata these are the required kata necessary for advancement in kotosuha shitoryu karatedo.

Along with learning the movement of each kata it is necessary to demonstrate your knowledge of the hidden techniques by executing the associated bunkai of each. Boxes can be used to display things like location info, store hours, pictures, ads, etc. It is divided into kosshi kihon sanpo and toride kihon gohou. Kakarite takes one large step forward, executes a strike to. The main intent of the creators of the bokuto ni yoru kendo kihonwaza keikoho was to develop a form of bokuto training that could be incorporated into regular kendo practice for purposes that include. Shotokan, goju, shito ryu, kyokushin, technique, kata, bunkai, history, great masters, styles. If you practice other shotokan or non shotokan kata, please let us know. You will enter the world of pure traditional okinawese kobudo directly from grand master yoshihide shinzato, 9 dan. The system was founded by kaicho harold mead, 10th dan. As june 15th, 2016, grandmaster fusei kise, kaicho isao kise, and the osmkkf okinawa shorinryu matsumura orthodox karate and kobudo federation have no interest in being involved with the ismskf, greg lazarus or jay gravelle as evidenced by the withdrawal of grandmaster kises support. Hanshi nakazatos kobudo lineage is very prestigious. My name is aj, founder of the digi dojo, chief instructor wadokai holland and kenshinkai kobudo europe. Igor mirutenko 6 dan karate, 4 dan kobudo alexei mirutenko 3 dan. Keri kata, tachi kata, kihon itchi no kata, kihon ni no kata, kihon san no kata, kihon yo no kata, kihon yo no kata, kihon go no kata, kihon roku no kata, kihon shichi no kata, kihon hachi no kata, kihon ku.

In 1970 master shinpo matayoshi formed the continue reading kobudo katas. Traditional shotokan karate home study course learn. While the techniques used in sparring are only slightly different than kihon, the formalities of kumite in shotokan karate were first instituted by masatoshi nakayama where in advanced, intermediate, and basic sparring techniques and rules were formalized. Higashi demonstrates hard throwing techniques against a knife wielding attacker and techniques for controlling an opponent once hes been thrown. This playlist includes videos that demonstrate basic karate training, including punches, kicks, blocks and strikes, as well as combinations of techniques. The name means, literally, one heart method as in wholehearted or complete. The international hayashi ha shitoryu karatedo federations 2014 open shitoryu karate world cup was held in budapest, hungary on december 5th7 th 2014. Okinawan karate, what style do you train in and what. Urashi no kun is the second bo kata of isshin ryu, a karate style that embeds kobudo in its curriculum. Okinawa kobudo is a style of the weapons fighting developed by the matayoshis family.

Kobudo required kata these are the required kata necessary for advancement in kobudo. Isshinryu, isshinryu is a style of okinawan karate founded by tatsuo shimabuku in 1956. Katancha no tekko kobayashi ryukonkai kobudo duration. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5. You will learn defense and counterattack exercises, technique applications and empty hand katas, from sai, nunchaku, kama and bo and kihon kata. The founder of shotokan karate, master gichin funakoshi pictured, developed six taikyoku kata. Video download enter fighting karate vol12345 set by tak kubota. Along with learning the movement of each kata it is necessary to demonstrate your knowledge of the hidden techniques by executing the associated bunkai of each form. In 1989 there were 336 branches of isshinryu throughout the world as recorded by the iwka. Seiyo no shorinryu karate and kobudo kai is a martial arts school with dojos in minnesota, missouri, iowa and wisconsin. Motodachi opens the men by shifting the kisaki tip of the bokuto to the right. This fabulous color film shot in 1965 by sensei chotoku omine in naha okinawa, shows the style s founder, master shoshin nagamine, chotoku omine, jokei kushi,shinyei kyan, takayoshi nagamine and many others.

As a member of shuguro nakazatos kobudo organization, okinawa kobudo kokusai rengukai, we are part of a unique lineage that dates back hundreds of years. Ryukyu kobujutsu 42nd japanese kobudo demonstration 2019 duration. Many other shotokan dojo have added taikyoku shodan to the jka list, which gives us the 27 kata below. Kobudo required kata international karate kobudo union. The course is wellstructured and follows more or less the karate curriculum used here in switzerland. Meeting of hands, is the practical application of kata to real opponents. From the tachiai position, motodachi and kakarite take three steps forward to issokuittonomaai. The ryukyu kobudo hozon shinko kai society for the promotion and preservation of ryukyuan kobudo was founded after world war ii by taira shinken it is a recreation of the ryukyu kobujutsu research association founded by his teacher yabiku moden in 1911 and disbanded during the second world war the society preserves the kata learned by moden. Shinko matayoshis son, shinpo, was a renowned master of okinawa kobudo.

Hanshi nakazato is one of the few instructors in the world to be recognized as 10th degree black belt in both karate and kobudo. Shotokan karate kata kihon or taikyoku shodan kihon kata or taikyoku shodanthe original name, is the first kata practiced by many shotokan groups. One of the most highly respected and most sought after instructors of aikido in the world seishiro endo instructs a wide range of techniques from grabs to strikes from standing and kneeling positions. Isshinryu karate is largely a synthesis of shorinryu karate, gojuryu karate, and kobudo. It joins a limited list of other modified forms of okinawa shorinryu karate and kobudo that originated on okinawa. Additional criteria for team kobudo the kobudo kata must not alter in rhythm or timing for the purpose of synchronization. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Ninjutsu training curriculum of the ninja practitioner, historical ninja information, ninjutsu magazine subscription, international ninjutsu training centre listing and much more. There are a lot of sparring drills and prearranged bunkai but all of these were based on fighting distance of about 2 metres. It must demonstrate correct dynamics of the weapon as if performed by an individual.

Kosshi kihon sanpomigi ichimonji no kamaemigi hicho no kamaemigi jumonji hosyu kihon gata gohohosyu kihon gata1hosyu kihon gata2hosyu kihon gata3hosyu kihon gata4hosyu kihon gata5 hoken jurropokikaku kenshuki kenfudo kenkiten kenshishin kenshitan kenshako kenshito kenshikan kenkoppo kenhappa kensoku. A real practical manual which is complemented by a book, that analyzes all the details and that will allow even the uninitiated to develop their defense skills. See more ideas about okinawan karate, karate and martial arts. Some techniques differ from the traditional japanese form my kids learn. Itokazu seisho sensei holds the rank of 9th dan hanshi in matayoshi kobudo and 10th dan in konnan ryu karate uechi ryu, and.

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